To make a booking using the site simply follow the booking form instructions.
As soon as we receive your request we will notify you of availability.
Web forms & email will be picked up at the earliest possible time.
NB Bookings are only confirmed by us, even if you send payment before that has happened.
Prices offered on this website are based around 3rd party software that uses Google as a base.
The route choice is automatically generated & may not be the best route in practice.
We direct you to use the set prices generator, especially for Airport Transfers.
Remember that the set price includes extras in the price that the normal booking form does not.
Remember also that lead-in miles & excess mileage charges may apply to your bookings.
Our prices are based on journeys to, from, through or within a 3 mile radius of ST162AA.
If your journey does not meet those criteria then lead-in mile charges will apply.
These are already factored into the set prices menu on airport transfers –
we cannot stress enough for you to follow the links as directed.


The format of the fixed prices form only allows for 3 price tariffs. Please use as follows:
All journeys including Airport Transfers
All journeys between Midnight & 7am.
This means where any part of the journey is between those times.
NB For Airport Transfers prices on Bank Holidays use this tab.
Use Holiday tab for all other Bank Holiday set price journeys.

MPV option means 5 to 8 people. Luggage capacity varies, from 0 through to 8 suitcases.
EXECUTIVE price includes Toll Rd, minimum airport parking, meet & greet, plus 45 mins waiting.


All prices quoted on this site are subject to 3% charge for card payments.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex.
We are happy to set up payment by invoice accounts & take BACS.
Cash payments are available at our discretion.


50% deposit at time of booking, balance payable before journey unless otherwise stated.
Bookings subject to additional charges for waiting time & out-of-pocket expenses.
Payment by Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Charges apply. We also accept cash and Paypal payments.
We reserve the right to change the vehicle if necessary to fullfill the booking. Price adjusted downwards (cheaper!) if applicable, but never upwards.
We may at our discretion refuse to carry passengers whose behaviour or condition we consider to be a threat to our drivers, vehicle, other passengers or the safety of other road users.
All deviations from the booked route are potentially chargeable, whether made by the passenger or at the driver’s discretion based on traffic conditions. We will gladly extend hire periods wherever possible, charged at our standard hourly rates unless otherwise agreed.


We will advise on timings but ultimately this is your decision.
Waiting Time is chargeable after a grace period of 10 minutes for all bookings except inbound airport transfers for which we allow up to 45 minutes from the time you want us to be in position to pick-up.
We will always be as flexible as possible in return for your co-operation. Good communication is the key. By booking with us you are taken to have agreed all our terms of hire.

NB Occasionally, beyond 1 hour waiting we may unfortunately be forced by our schedule to abort your booking. Your booking will be deemed fulfilled in this scenario. All monies paid will be non-refundable and any monies outstanding will be invoiced, including waiting time.
This is far more likely if we have not been able to contact you.


In similar spirit, in the unlikely event we cause unnecessary delay to your arrangements, either by minor vehicle issues or route miscalculations we charge ourselves at the same Waiting Time rate (after the same Grace periods), and deduct that from your bill.
This does not include delays caused by RTC’s, punctures, road closures, gridlock and diversions completely beyond our control.
We will allow the standard amount of time to arrive at the pick-up location via the most appropriate direct route, using Google Maps as a reference for your information, with all timings measured driving within the parameters of the Road Traffic Act regulations.


Wedding Car Hire prices begin at £100 are effectively double our current hourly rates.
We need 50% eposit to confirm booking & payment in full 4 weeks before the booking date.
We are happy to give you a price for bespoke arrangements on request.
All bookings include simple ribbon to the front of the car.
All full price bookings of 2 hrs or longer include small champagne (Brut or similar).
Drinks & decorations can be upgraded as requested, charged at cost price plus time taken.
NB: Please bear in mind soiling charges apply to all wedding car hire bookings.


Airport pick-up price includes minimum available parking charge & 45 minutes waiting.
We will aim to keep charges to a minimum (preferably zero) by good communication with your co-operation!
Executive Car price also includes meet & greet and Toll Rd as applicable.
All other out-of-pocket expenses to be met by the customer during booking, or by invoice.
All general terms on cancellations, delays, soiling/damage & liabilities apply.


Cancellation fees apply to all bookings as follows: 50% of fare outside of 48hrs of hire period, 75% of fare outside 24hrs & 100% of fare inside 24hrs. Wedding booking cancellations incur 50% charge outside 14 days and 100% inside.
NB Any charge to us for card payments/issuing refunds will be deducted from the amount to be refunded before refund is processed.


The nature of the beast is that traffic can be unpredictable, vehicles can malfunction, passengers and drivers can be taken ill and journey times can over-run. Under no circumstances will we accept liability for lost appointments or missed connections howsoever caused.
If for any reason alternative transport has to be aranged during your journey via a 3rd party, your booking with us will be deemed completed. Any money we owe you (ie refund) will be issued without question, either by the driver at the time or asap upon his/her return to base. We will aim to refund by the same method payment was taken.


Clients will be billed accordingly for any and all damage to the interior or exterior of our vehicles howsoever caused. This means by themselves or by any member of their party, either directly or indirectly (for example by inciting 3rd parties to attack the car)
Soiling charges apply to all types of substances and bodily functions and begin at £60, increasing by extent – of damage and of subsequent cleaning bills. We may also charge you for cancelled and/or lost bookings caused to us by damage you have caused to our business.
Bodily functions, all dirt, fluids spilt or leaking, make-up, body paint etc – all these things may require specialist cleaning and are potentially chargeable.

Finally, rest assured all of the above is just to cover us from any eventualities. We fully expect your journeys with us to go marvellously! Your statutory rights are unaffected by any and all of these terms.